MLB’s Most Promising Fascist Wounded Canned Wine Opener


MLB’s Most Promising Fascist Wounded Canned Wine Opener,


Detroit Tigers infielder Spencer Tokelson, 21, suffered an absurd injury while cooking.

Detroit manager A.J. Hinch said in a press conference on February 26 (Korea time) that Tokelson, the team’s top prospect, hurt his finger. Tokelson is a college corner infielder who was nominated as the top overall in the Major League Baseball rookie draft last year 먹튀사이트

Of course, he was included in the spring training list. He was expected to participate in the exhibition game, which starts on March 1, but will be absent for the time being due to a sudden injury. Tokelson was injured while cooking dinner with his minor leaguer colleagues.

Tokelson, who picked up the wine opener as a desperate measure because he didn’t have a can opener, cut his finger as the opener blade bent. He had to tie three needles, but fortunately, his muscles and tendons were not affected.

Tokelson joined Detroit with a down payment of more than 8.4 million dollars (about 9.4 billion won) as a big shot prospect who hit 54 home runs when he was at Arizona State University. He hit 25 home runs in his freshman year of college, surpassing Arizona State University’s record of the most home runs (11) in a season.

Tokelson also proved his high expectations by ranking third overall on the top 100 list of promising players on the recently announced Major League Baseball’s official website “” He is expected to make his debut as early as mid-season or next season at the latest.

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