It’s different from (G)I-DLE’s solo “Miyeon” and


It’s different from (G)I-DLE’s solo “Miyeon” and


(G)I-DLE’s main vocalist Mi-yeon released her solo album “My” under her name.

On the afternoon of the 27th, a press conference was held near Mapo-gu, Seoul to commemorate the release of Miyeon’s first solo album “MY.”

‘My’ has the double meaning of Miyeon’s initials M, Y, and ‘I’. On this day, Mi-yeon introduced, “It is an album that has completed songs of various genres with my own feeling.”

“My,” which contains a total of six songs, brought together various genres such as ballads, R&B & Funk, and fan songs such as “Rose,” “Softly,” “TEAMO,” “Charging,” and “Downpour.” Miyeon said, “This album is about myself. Mi-yeon’s “mi” is “Rose Me,” and in that sense, I thought the song “Rose” was a good song to start the album as the first track, he mentioned the track list.

The title song “Drive” is a song that contains a message to protect your color and not lose your mind to move forward. It is a message of support to those who protect themselves in the midst of difficulties. Mi-yeon thinks that it is different from the music that (G)I-DLE has done and is far from the music that she has sung. I wanted to show a new and comfortable appearance, and I thought it was the right song,” he pointed out.

As for “Tiamo,” “it’s a relatively strong song. The lyrics are lovely and bright, but they express emotions powerfully. It’s more meaningful because it’s a song that contains feelings and feelings for fans, and “Charging” is a song that feels ticklish. It is a ballad song that will cause “Gurgasm” if you listen to it with earphones using a lot of falsetto. I think it will be fun because the beat is different and there is a different arrangement from the existing ballad songs,” he said. Mi-yeon participated in writing the lyrics for “Downpour,” composed by member Yu-ki.

Releasing her solo album, Mi-yeon said, “I didn’t mean to try anything new. I tried to approach the album with a pure heart, going back to my original intention of dreaming of becoming a singer. I think I was able to approach it differently from the conceptual music that (G)I-DLE did,” he said, pointing out the starting point.

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