Gu Bon-gil’s come-from-behind victory over Germany

Gu Bon-gil's

Gu Bon-gil’s come-from-behind victory over Germany in the final against Italy.

Gu Bon-gil's

There was a reason why the players shouted ‘gold medal’. The Korean fencing men’s sabre team wrote the drama regardless of the initial inferiority and the permission to reverse the game.

The No. 1 Korean men’s sabre team advanced to the final by beating Germany 45-42 in the semifinals of the team match of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Makuharimesse, Chiba, Japan on the 28th. Koo Bon-gil’s performance reversed the trend in the early stages, and even after allowing him to reverse the game, Koo Bon-gil turned the game around again.

In Korea, Kim Jung-hwan, Oh Sang-wook, Koo Bon-gil and Kim Jun-ho participated. Oh Sang-wook, who is ranked No. 1 in the world with Kim Jun-ho as a backup player, Koo Bon-gil, ranked No. 9 and Kim Jung-hwan, ranked No. 15 who won bronze medals in the individual competition, played first.

First runner Oh Sang-wook gave up his first bout 4-5 to Benedict Wagner. Koo Bon-gil, the second runner, also lost 2-5 to Matiyas Sabo, putting Korea at 6-10 inferiority.

With the appearance of Kim Jung-hwan, the atmosphere of the game changed. Kim Jung-hwan quickly took a 4-0 lead against Max Hartung. South Korea cut off Germany’s upward trend with a tie of 5-5 at 3 bouts. Koo Bon-gil took over the flow and won a complete 9-3 victory. South Korea finished 4 bouts and turned the tables 20-18. Oh Sang-wook also widened the gap with a 5-3 victory.

At six bouts, Kim Jung-hwan was pushed back by the German news agency’s “One Man Show.” Still, the score was 29-30. Koo Bon-gil regained his 35-33 lead thanks to 33 lead. Kim Jung-hwan won 5-4 to widen the gap by one more point.

Ace Oh Sang-wook stepped up to the final bout. He scored one point after giving up three points in a row, but the game was temporarily suspended due to pain in his leg. Despite concerns over injuries, Oh remained calm. He scored two points in an instant. On the contrary, Sabo collapsed due to thigh pain while taking the backstep. A reserve player has come out.

Oh took care of the remaining two points. When Korea’s last goal came out, Koo Bon-gil ran and hugged Oh Sang-wook. And I sat down on the piste and enjoyed the joy. Korea will have a final match against Italy.

Korea’s fencing team won the largest number of Olympic berths in history. In six individual events, however, the bronze medal of men’s Sabre Kim Jung-hwan was all about performance. Controversy arose over the misjudgment. Oh Sang-wook, ranked No. 1 in Sabre, lost 13-15 to Sanbro Bajaze (Georgia) in the quarterfinals of the individual competition, raising suspicions that he had another point higher than his opponent during the video reading process.

However, Korea is gaining strength in the team competition. On the 27th, the Korean women’s épe team won the silver medal in nine years, and the men’s sabre team also secured the silver medal 파워볼사이트

South Korea, where the world’s top players gathered, advanced to the finals after surpassing Egypt in the quarterfinals and Germany in the quarterfinals. Now we’re looking at the gold medal that was our goal.

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