GFRIEND-turned-Yuju got an arm tattoo Looks more mature


GFRIEND-turned-Yuju got an arm tattoo. Looks more mature


Yuju (real name Choi Yuna, 24), a singer from the group GFRIEND, expressed a mature atmosphere.

On the 14th, Yuju shared several photos of her daily life through her SNS.

Yuju created a ‘hip’ fashion with a sleeveless T-shirt and sunglasses. The gorgeous features and sleek jawline stand out. In particular, a clear lettering tattoo on the elbow drew attention.

Netizens assumed that the English tattoo was “First,” and responded, “Is it a new tattoo?” “Wow, a great tattoo looks good on you,” and “Over the limit of your beauty.”

Yuju recently appeared as the first OST runner for Cinerama’s Chilling Living Together. This OST was made with special loyalty for Kim So-jung, a former girlfriend who takes her first step as an actress.

Meanwhile, Yuju joined Connect Entertainment in September last year and made her solo debut in January this year after releasing her first mini-album “REC.”

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