Did you come to Burger King’s hamburger event without Azar training


Did you come to Burger King’s hamburger event without Azar training? mockery


When Eden Hazard (30, Real Madrid) was absent from training again due to poor physical condition, Burger King, a hamburger company, posted a sarcastic SNS.

Spanish media Marca said on the 3rd that Azar did not participate in the team training because he felt uncomfortable with his body. “The club did not officially announce the injury, but there is a possibility that he will miss the match against Uesca on the 7th.”

Hazard has been suffering from an injury nightmare and has not played much in Real Madrid. Since moving to Real Madrid in July 2019, he has only made 35 appearances, scoring only four goals 먹튀사이트

His form is much lower than when he was at Chelsea. He has been criticized for his poor performance, including gaining a lot of weight and causing controversy over his fatness. Recently, the team’s last three La Liga games seemed to have returned to a healthy state, but there were concerns about its physical condition as it did not attend the training again.

When news of his absence from the training came out, Burger King of Spain tweeted teasing Azar. On the same day, he retweeted a tweet from local media “El Chiringito,” which reported Azar’s absence from the training, leaving a message that he might be here to enjoy the 2X1 event held at Burger King recently.

The tweet has an explosive ‘likes’. Some Azar fans responded that they were displeased and said they would boycott Burger King, but more people expressed their dissatisfaction with Azar by pressing “like.”

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