BTS V, the most handsome man in the world


BTS V, the most handsome man in the world


BTS Member V is continuing the record with his appearance.

BTS According to the fandom ARMY, member V was selected as the number one “World’s Best Handsome and Beautiful” by the overseas online media platform Special Awards.

The vote lasted about seven weeks from March 16 to May 8, and V ranked first among male and female candidates selected by the world regardless of gender.

This added V’s appearance-related title. V once topped the U.S. film site “TC Cantler’s 100 Most Handsome Faces” in 2017.

In addition, British entertainment media “Nubia” received an official certificate of “2021 World’s Most Handsome Man” and was named in the Hall of Fame for the first three consecutive times as the “Best Attractive Man in Asia”

Most recently, he also topped the “2022 World’s Most Handsome Man” on the entertainment online site “The Till Mango,” adding the world’s most handsome title more than 10 times this year alone.

“V’s face has perfect proportions in both the front and the side, and there are no disadvantages,” a Korean plastic surgeon said. “V’s eyes and nose are hard to make with surgery.”

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