42-year-old Zhang Ziyi, 15-year-old girl, says she has a negative

Zhang Ziyi

42-year-old Zhang Ziyi, 15-year-old girl, says she has a negative reaction to the drama.

Zhang Ziyi

Chinese actor Zhang Ziyi expressed his position in person after a negative reaction to playing a 15-year-old girl in her 40s.

Zhang Ziyi said on her Weibo on the 9th, “I hope the producers and broadcasters of “Shangyangbu” don’t market me with the term “girl sensitivity,” but I hope that the word “girl sensitivity” is not a bad word, but it doesn’t come before my name. I was 38 when I played Wang Xian and 42 next month. How are these two ages related to ‘girls?’ he said indignantly.

“When I received the script, I immediately realized that I had to grow and change with this character. Viewers need time to understand this character in a clean environment, and I did my best to create the character,” he added.

“Shangyangbu,” which drew attention with Zhang Ziyi’s first drama, is about Wang Xian (played by Zhang Ziyi), who was living a colorful life as an imperial family, being dragged into a chaotic situation after becoming an adult, facing a completely reversed fate and forced to marry Xiao Qi (Wi), king of Yejiang, who dominates the army.

While Zhang Ziyi is famous for playing Wang Xian’s biography, some viewers have complained as Zhang Ziyi plays the role of a 15-year-old girl in the early part of the drama.

In particular, some netizens even raised rumors that Zhang Ziyi even stole the work of a child actor, and the word “girl sensation” related to Zhang Ziyi dominated the real-time search word on Weibo, China’s largest SNS for several days.

In response, Zhang Ziyi said, “Since I was in a fateful whirlpool since I was young, I had to show myself growing up and changing with acting.” Chinese netizens are cheering and supporting Zhang Ziyi’s candid position.

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