Yoon Seung-ah, take care of yourself thoroughly

Yoon Seung-ah

Yoon Seung-ah, take care of yourself thoroughly even when you’re late Wear your usual dress

Yoon Seung-ah

Yoon Seung-ah is drawing attention for taking care of herself even during pregnancy.

Yoon Seung-ah said on the 16th, “The dress information that people ask a lot these days.” I don’t buy it separately during pregnancy, but I wear a lot of dresses that I usually wear.”

The photo released together showed Yoon Seung-ah wearing a dress of various patterns. In particular, he drew attention by styling it in a dress, not a maternity dress.

Earlier, Yoon Seung-ah said in March, “I set a goal for me and my child to be healthy and weigh them every day. in the morning and evening. I try not to eat late night snacks. “I gained five or six kilograms in seven months,” he said, showing thoroughness in taking care of his body.

Meanwhile, Yoon Seung-ah and Kim Moo-yeol married in April 2015. I am currently living with four dogs. Yoon Seung-ah, who announced her pregnancy in December last year, is expecting a baby in June

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