I paid for it, and Griezmann was so frustrated that he blew up.


I paid for it, and Griezmann was so frustrated that he blew up.


Antoine Griezmann (30, FC Barcelona) paid his ransom in a long time, but he couldn’t smile brightly 토토사이트

Barcelona lost to Athletic Bilbao in the final of the 2020 Supercopa de Espana (Spanish Super Cup) held at Estadio Olympico de la Cartouha in Seville, Spain on the 18th (Korea time). Barcelona, which finished the first 90 minutes with a score of 2-2 in the second half, lost 2-3 in the first three minutes of extra time, allowing a come-from-behind goal.

In fact, it was a trophy that was almost in Barcelona’s hands. Barcelona took the lead with Griezmann’s first goal in the 40th minute. Although he gave up an equalizer to Bilbao two minutes later, Griezmann scored again in the 32nd minute of the second half and was on the verge of victory.

I couldn’t stand the last crisis. In the 45th minute of the second half, Barcelona, which gave up an equalizer through free kick defender Asier Villaribre, collapsed when it allowed Inaki Williams to score the winning goal with the start of the first half of the extra time. It was even harsher due to Lionel Messi’s direct exit at the end of the game.

Griezmann, who has been paying for his name for a long time, was very disappointed. “We were a mess,” he said in an interview after the game. Everything is ruined. I’m really angry. If we lose the final match, we are filled with all kinds of bad emotions,” he said.

“We know that Bilbao is a very organized team and under pressure,” Griezmann said. Nevertheless, he made a mistake. There is also a defense error, but there is no need to talk about it. It’s all our fault. We need to improve over the next week.

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